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A selection of some of my published work

I have written thousands of articles for major publications across various industries. Below is a selection of some of my published work, providing a glimpse into the topics I’ve covered and the insights I’ve shared.

Some of my trusted clients

Explore some of my trusted clients by selecting their industry or the type of content I provided. Use the dropdown lists below to see a tailored list of clients I’ve worked with, showcasing my experience across various sectors and content types. This section highlights the diversity and scope of my work with notable clients.

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  • I regularly collaborate with Piktochart, creating a wide range of content focused on visual communication and productivity tools. My work includes in-depth guides on creating effective workflow diagrams, utilizing powerful

  • I contributed to Yahoo Small Business, which was part of Verizon Media at the time, by working on the copy for hundreds of Top-Level Domain (TLD) descriptions. My role involved

  • I worked with Fiverr’s SEO team on a series of long-form articles, some of which you can find published under my name on their blog. I am still working on

  • I regularly collaborate with Adobe, crafting numerous banner templates for Adobe Express. Additionally, I work on developing various landing pages and write articles for their projects.

  • I have contributed to Topbots, a platform dedicated to exploring applied artificial intelligence for business. My work includes writing articles that delve into various AI applications, which help businesses leverage

  • I work regularly with Cloutboost on a variety of projects, including articles, case studies, web content, and editing. My contributions focus on video game marketing, influencer marketing, and the use

  • I work with Custom.MT on multiple projects, including articles, case studies, web content, email copy, newsletters, white papers, and editing. My contributions focus on AI and machine translation, particularly in

  • I have contributed to MIXED, a platform dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and society, with a focus on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

  • I was privileged to have my article featured on Vegconomist, focusing on the emerging investment opportunities in the vegan market for 2019. In this piece, I interviewed several major investors

  • I work regularly with Kissflow, a leading platform specializing in digital transformation, process management, and low-code/no-code application development. My contributions include writing articles and blog posts, developing landing pages, and

  • I have worked with Opinion Stage, a leading platform specializing in interactive content creation such as quizzes, surveys, polls, and forms. My contributions included writing articles, blog posts, and web

  • I have contributed to WishList, a platform designed to help influencers and brand ambassadors enhance their marketing strategies. My work involves writing articles that provide valuable insights and tips on

  • I was honored to write an article for Ravishly, a platform known for addressing complex and meaningful topics through personal stories and cultural commentary. My contribution tackles a significant issue,

  • I have contributed a variety of articles to Culture Trip, exploring cultural, travel, and lifestyle topics. My work includes detailed guides on destinations, traditional cuisine, local customs, and essential travel

  • I have worked with Gadget Review, contributing a range of articles that cover various aspects of consumer electronics and technology. My work includes in-depth buying guides, product reviews, and tech-related

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