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How I can help

I provide tailored content solutions, including content writing, copywriting, SEO writing, copy editing, and content strategy.

What to expect from me as your content writer:

Thoroughly researched, SEO-friendly content customized to your target audience.
Completely original, human-crafted material – no recycled, spun, or AI-generated text.
Captivating and relatable writing that creates an emotional connection and retains visitors on your site.
Revisions and edits to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Types of content I offer:

Blog posts, Articles, White papers, eBooks, Case studies, Guides & How-tos, Technical writing, Reviews, Newsletters, Social Media posts, Product descriptions, Infographics text, Listicles, Tutorials, Industry reports, Educational materials, Course content

What I bring to the table as your human copywriter:

Copy that sets you apart from your competitors and emphasizes your unique selling proposition.
Copy that is tailored to your brand’s voice and is optimized for maximum impact
Emails that people actually want to open, read, and act on.
Revising and editing until you’re completely happy with the result.

Types of copy I offer:

Website content, Landing pages, Email sequences, Cold emails, Ad copy, Sales pages, Press releases, Brochures, Flyers, Direct emails, Social Media ads, Video scripts, Podcast scripts, Taglines & slogans, Catalog descriptions, Commercials, Call-to-Actions (CTAs), Professional bios, Company profiles

What extra value I deliver as your SEO writer or SEO copywriter:

Thorough research, originality, human-created content, and tailored revisions apply here as well.
Writing with a focus on user intent to drive organic traffic and maximize engagement, while adhering to SEO best practices.
Maintaining coherence by fully aligning content with the title, headings, and main idea for maximum reader value.
Seamlessly incorporating keywords to enhance search engine visibility.
Structuring content for readability and increased dwell time.
Strategically using internal linking and subheadings to enhance site navigation and keyword optimization.
Optimizing content to increase the likelihood of appearing in rich snippets.
Crafting compelling meta descriptions and title tags to boost click-through rates.

The difference I make as your copy editor:

Ensuring error-free content with consistent tone, precise grammar, and adherence to style guides.
Improving clarity, logical flow, and organization for easy comprehension, even with complex topics.
Refining language to make your writing engaging, impactful, and concise.
Conducting thorough fact-checking and eliminating inconsistencies for trustworthy content.
Tailoring content to effectively communicate with and resonate with your specific audience.

How I elevate your brand as your content strategist:

Market and competitor analysis: Conduct thorough research to understand market trends and competitor strategies.
Audience persona development: Create detailed audience personas to tailor content that directly addresses the needs and preferences of your target market.
Brand voice development: Establish a cohesive brand voice that strengthens brand identity and recognition across all content.
Content gap analysis: Identify gaps in existing content to create comprehensive and valuable content that meets all audience needs.
Content calendar development: Implement a structured editorial calendar to plan and schedule content releases.
Content audit: Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing content and provide strategic recommendations for improvement.
Other services

More ways I support your business:

Expert interviews
Detailed subject research
SEO audit
SEO strategy
Keyword research
CRO strategy
Content performance analysis
Influencer strategy
Professional consultations
Content repurposing
Infographic design
Interactive content creation


Why choose to work with me

Focused on your unique business goals

Choose to work with me because I prioritize personalized content through empathy and clear communication. I align your marketing with your audience’s needs, building trust and delivering tailored content writing, copywriting, SEO writing, copy editing, and content strategy services. Together, we’ll create human-crafted content that resonates and makes a real impact.


Vyšehradská 2 , Prague, Czechia


geri (at) gerimileva (dot) com

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Monday – Friday

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